Club Penguin 1yr Free Membership Contest CLOSED!

My Club Penguin Membership Contest has officially closed. I will not accept any more entries unless they are very outstanding and I really like it. Thank you to everyone who entered, all of you are great!! XD I have lokked at all the entries and have made up my mind..AND THE WINNER IS……….(drumroll)…………………….


Congratulations, If you respond to my email that u have won, I will send the Membership to you, if not the winner will either be, Sssaam or sabresdued.

Here is a copy of Kellie’s entry (she entered by email):

Name: Kellie


Puffle Name: Spark Ruby

Well Done to all of you, soon I will be having a Private Party. I hope you can come. I will have details later.



9 Responses to “Club Penguin 1yr Free Membership Contest CLOSED!”

  1. sssaam Says:

    she copied my puffle name! (sparky)

  2. Irish Cuties Says:

    And she copied my name ruby

    All she did was put mine and sssaam’s names together such a cheater!

  3. devin Says:

    will there be another contest soon?

  4. devin Says:

    what was this one about?

  5. cutiecat27 Says:

    HEY!!!! LOL

  6. Adrienne Says:

    will there be another contest soon?

  7. 3sdasdad Says:

    My puffle’s name is sqoosh .I hope you liked it

  8. xpandamanx Says:

    omg u gave the cheater the membrship
    no offense

  9. ninja7759 Says:

    My puffle name is Yarr and I am not kidding!!

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