Aqua Grabber New Level Turorial

Aqua Grabber Level 1 – Clam Waters

Collect all the small pearls from the clams, but be careful not to wake them up.

When you’ve finished collecting all the pearls from the top, continue to the bottom to collect the big rock.

Drop the rock into the huge clam to the left. Now, pick up the grand pearl in the clam and drop it into the net on the top.

Note: If you try getting the grand pearl without dropping the rock in the clam first, it will eat you.

You have completed Level 1!

Aqua Grabber Level 2 – Soda Seas

In this level, you will have to collect all of the barrels with cream soda and drop them into the net.

Some barrels are blocked by plants so you can’t get them. Get the barrels that aren’t blocked by plants so the water will get clear and it will liven the plants, so you can get pass them and be able to collect all of the barrels with cream soda.

Once you’ve collected all of the barrels with cream soda, go through the area where bubbles come from. The puffer fish will be there:

Get pass the puffer fish and collect the treasure, and bring it back to the net.

Now you have completed Level 2!!!

-Caitiecat12 😛



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  1. kitty Says:

    thankyou alott xoxoxo

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