Club Penguin Times Issue #147

The Penguin Times have been updated today (Thursday 7th August)

In this Issue there is alot of reviews about the past Music Festival, which was one of the best Parties ever voted by you, penguins!

On the 22nd to the 26th of August, there will be another Party on Club Penguin. It will be a Penguin Games like the Olympic Games only Penguiny!!! I believe the Red and Blue Facepaints will be back from the First Sports Party. YAY!!

There is something else really exciting, Rockhopper Returns!!! He is retuning tomorrow, but unfortunately for Rockhopper and fortunately for us, Rockhopper has lost Migrator Sketches. We will have to go on a Scavenger Hunt which hopefully means Free Items!!

TEAM BLUE NEEDS YOU!!! Yes at the Stage team Blue needs your help again. Their rally starts 8th August.



  • Rockhopper Returns
  • Scavenger Hunt Begins
  • Team Blue’s Rally 2 at the Stage Begins


  • New Hidden Pin
  • New Igloo catalogue
  • New Sports Shop Catalogue


  • Penguin Games Party Begins



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