!!WARNING!!Club Penguin HQ Money Maker is a SCAM!!

If you have heard of the site http://www.clubpenguinhq.com it has a Money Maker that you have to put in your Password and Penguin Name and select how many coins you want. It is a SCAM WARNING, I tried it and my Penguin got banned. Heres what happened. Ok on the Money Maker page, it says you must not be logged in to your Penguin so I logged out on Club Penguin. Then, luckily I used one of my dummy accounts, because I never really trust these sites. Next I clicked “Get My Coins!” and it said You have received your coins but I didn’t and Two days later I got banned. I WARN YOU DO NOT USE THE CLUBPENGUINHQ MONEY MAKER. IF YOU DO YOUR PENGUIN WILL GET BANNED.





43 Responses to “!!WARNING!!Club Penguin HQ Money Maker is a SCAM!!”

  1. mmopuk Says:

    Do you want a rear penguin?
    Do you want it now?

    Well, enter now at http://www.mmopuk.wordpress.com 😉

    And YOU could WIN!!!!!!! 😛

    Enter Now!

    ~ Mmopuk ~

  2. cp Says:

    well, now i know to cross that one off my list!

    Thanks 🙂

  3. omaddieflowe Says:

    oh no! i did it with one of mine but it too was a dummy acount.
    phew! 😳

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Already Done It With My Real Penguin,
    Worked A Treat!
    No Ban Yet Though
    Been Using It For A Few Months Now,
    Fingers Crossed I Will NOT Get Banned! :/

  5. rokinbozza12 Says:

    well i have been using that cheat for about 1 year now and nothing at all has happend to my penguin or any of my friends that i told about it so maybe some one found out ur password and got u banned like mabey a brother or sister

  6. mbella5647 Says:

    i used it and i got banned but it was my brother who got me banned

  7. Penguin26 Says:

    Oh no, I used it on my real penguin which is a member!!!
    But I havnt got banned gd thing I came on this site,
    I was just about to go on the money maker!
    Thx 4 the tip.
    I hope I dont get banned!

  8. haley Says:

    hi well thx because not really ive used that website like one million times and notin happened i just got lucky i guess my penguin name is yelow2000 if you ever see me

    • banck Says:

      wow sounds really scary about it and i cant find the clubpenguinhq.commoneymaker so can you send a message to us my penguin is called banck. and i ope you dont get banned again iv been banned for like 2 or 3 times i dont know but my ssi has got banned about 6 times!

      • Charevea Says:

        Yes the moneymakers are usually fun for making loads of money but you better watch out cause your account cud be banned

  9. nanybobstar Says:

    i have not been banned and i been usin it for months

  10. sammyP Says:

    i got banned then i found a new website THAT U DONT HAVE TO DOWNLOAD THE PROGRAM it doesnt ban u all it does is give u money

  11. redbluemast Says:

    thans for telling 😉

  12. wanna wiki Says:

    hi to get on my web search the wikis at club penguin ninjas

  13. angel Says:

    ok good i wont do that and for the ppl that already did that hape yall dont get banned

  14. angel Says:

    or ill try it with a test penguin

  15. djvilas Says:

    Hey tath is not true!!!!I have about 600000 coins and i didnt get banned.I love the money maker.or you can go to http://www.penguinlodge.comHave fun!!!Dont worry i didnt get banned and you wownt!!!! 🙂

  16. plutopen Says:

    thanks for telling me. it’s already broken on clubpenguinhq.com!

  17. liddylulu Says:

    I used it and got 1000000 coins so it works!!

  18. Bb baybay Says:

    its not a scam i use it and i got like 10000 coins and i never got banned!!!

  19. hannahfan860 Says:

    hey i used the penguin lodge money maker and it worked but that one is off now but i still have a 10000 coins

  20. oll Says:

    use it! it works wonders. i uased it on my penguin which has had a membership for 2 years!

  21. stell0 Says:

    i did it on my dummy acont didnt get baned so i use it but my freind got banned for some reaseon? was it cause of cp maney maker by the way my e mail adress is fake!

  22. shaleyrox000 Says:

    There is a new version where you dowload it. It’s safe I have had it for a couple months the site is clubpenguinhq.com then click money maker then download. U can only download 5,000 at a time but now i have 182992 its awesome! I LOVE IT. now when i buy a puffle or clothes or anything i can pay meself back.

  23. Alucard Says:

    thanks i thought it was ok but wow thanks for telling me cross that of my list 🙂 THANKS KIRBY WOOT THANKS AGAIN

  24. Nellie Says:

    Umm … hi thanks so much 4 telling me that .. i will take that off my club penguin daily list on my notepad!
    Thanks so much again!

  25. lily Says:

    thanks but when i went to use it i had to download it so i did not use it 😦 but i hope yall do not get banned for life good luck
    lily over and out

  26. Charlie Says:

    I might try it acording to what u say it works!

  27. hunter Says:

    thank god you saved my penguin spongejoey8 and dr bob3000

  28. johnnytst8 Says:

    i am going to try on my friends if it works i will belive you if it doesent i will use my guy ok bye

  29. momo Says:

    hmmm does it work or not!!!!!! please tell meee or I’ll try it

  30. Penny Read 2 *NomNom Says:

    Omg! Thanks for telling me -.- i was just about to use the money maker thing just now right here today but when i googled it, i saw your link but thanks for telling me O_O

  31. hayley Says:

    thanks for telling us

  32. Nunya Says:

    Q: Does your Club Penguin money maker ban penguins?

    A: Generally no. However, if you get over 50,000 (50,001) coins you are likely to be banned. Make sure you only get as many coins with our Club Penguin money maker as you actually need. Remember, you can use it as many times as you want.

    Q: What information do you collect?

    A: We only log usernames and IP addresses, so we can ban abusers of the Club Penguin money maker. We do not log passwords.

    Q: Is using your Club Penguin money maker considered hacking?

    A: No, Club Penguin money makers are not hacking but are considered cheating. Cheating is more difficult to trace and therefore you are less likely to be banned. Hacking will get you banned for a longer time than cheating on Club Penguin.

  33. Andy Says:

    ru sure im gona try it with my dummy acoount too just to test

  34. scorpie12 Says:

    That’s what you get for cheating OP, lol

  35. carshalton Says:

    it got mines but finnaly i havnt furgot about it

  36. Hermiony56 Says:

    Wow Thank you so much. I was going to use that and all my accounts are good ones.

  37. Jake Says:

    Thanks mate you really helped my little brother out, if you see me add me on penguin70567

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