Caitiecat12’s 2000hits CP Party Details Finalised

My Party is finalised, well not completely. I may still postponed my party until next weekend, if my computer doesn’t work. Here are the details

Sever: Rainbow

Locations: Night Club, Iceberg and The Beach

Time: (My time 6:00pm)

1:00am-2:00am CPTZ (Snow Forts)

1:30am-2:30am CPTZ (Community)

4:30am-5:30am ETZ U.S

3:30am-4:30am CTZ U.S

2:30am-3:30am MTZ U.S

1:30am-2:30am PTZ U.S

Day: Saturday 23rd August 2008 CPTZ (Snow Forts) 23/08/08

I really hope you can come. Remember my Penguin is called Caitiecat12, its Blue with a Sailors Hat, a Red Face Paint and a Gold Medal.



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