Club Penguin Treasure Book Coin Cheat!!!

In the Treasure Book, you can find a Hidden Item. You can get it by doing the following if you have a coin with a code on.

Here’s what you do.

1. Enter your code

2. Go to the 6th Page and click on the Building Window

Now you have found the Winged Helmet!!!



10 Responses to “Club Penguin Treasure Book Coin Cheat!!!”

  1. kllkl Says:

    what is the code? to the book

  2. manuel octavio morales acosta Says:

    what is the code for the club penguin treasure coin book

  3. lewis Says:

    i need a coin code email me at

  4. vaughn Says:

    i need a coin code email me now please at

  5. Cameron Says:

    wat is the some of the codes on club penguin tresure book plz help me out

  6. Cameron Says:

    i need a code for the treasure book on club penguin please email me at

  7. mumble85151 Says:

    email me the code my email is

  8. Rabbid4 Says:

    please can i have a coin code e-mail me at

    itll be cool if u do
    thx rabbid4

  9. zippy4 Says:

    Can I please have a coin code? I really want one!

  10. missfuzzy8 Says:

    Please can I have a coin code!? Pretty please with pie on top! E-Mail me at THANKS!

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