Rockhopper Arrives with Coins for Change, a Free Item and a well decorated Ship!!!

Rockhopper has finally arrived on Club Penguin with his ship, the Migrator well decorated. You can find his ship docked at the Beach next to the Lighthouse.

If you go inside the Ship’s Hold and click on the Map looking thing, (which is actually Rockhopper’s Catalog), you will find a Free Item, which is a Red Sailor’s Cap. There are 3 Items that are not free, a Green Parrot (400 coins), two Furniture Items; a Coins for Change Banner (500 coins) and a Globe (350 coins).

At the Beach and the Plaza you will find Coins for change and a Free Item which is a Bell.

Bells at BeachPlaza Bells

Free Item Bell


Coins for Change can be found at the Beach, the Plaza and in Rockhopper’s Captains Quarters.

To donate coins, click on the Coins for Change stall, then choose the cause that you would like to give to. You can select from Kids who are poor and can not go to school, kids who are sick and kids without parents or hurt by war. Then select the amount you want to donate.

Coins for Change

Remember to play the awesome Treasure Hunt game in Rockhooper’s Ship, this time instead of using gems he’s using candy. Rockhopper will be on Club Penguin until the 22nd of December. If you don’t know who Rockhopper is or need help finding him, please CLICK HERE to see my Rockhopper Finding Guide (I have been lucky and I’ve found RH 6 times!).

Happy Rockhoppering,


P.S Please let me know if you find him!


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