Caitiecat12 NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!

Hey Everyone,

I need help with WordPress. I tried to find out for myself, but I couldn’t find the answer.

I’m trying to find out how to change the image next to your name when you post comments ect.

Please Help Guys!

I will post your name in one of my posts thanking you!!



3 Responses to “Caitiecat12 NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!”

  1. racheldarling Says:

    I knew how to before the new layout, hence my heart pic ^.^
    But now they changed the WordPress layout and I have no clue what’s where >_<. If the layout didn’t change I could told you how.

  2. racheldarling Says:

    I’ll try and find out, k?

  3. racheldarling Says:

    Aha! I found out!

    1. Log In
    2. On the top bar, go to “my account”, and then “edit profile”
    3. On the right side it will show your “gravatar”. To change it click where it says “Change your gravatar”
    4. I’m sure it’s self explanatory from there, but give a holler if you need any help ^.^

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