Chritmas Party 2008 with 2 Free Items!!!

The Christmas Party is here and Club Penguin looks AWESOME!!!

There are two Free Items.

The First one is at the Snow Forts, it is a Santa Hat.

Santa Hat

(O yea, by the way this is my other non-member Penguin.)

The other Free Item is a Santa Beard located at the Ski Village.

Santa Beard

The Ice-Rink is back too.


It’s Snowing at the Mountain and The Iceberg. When you go to the Ice berg try clicking on the Christmas Tree. PRETTY KWL!


Coffee Shop looks cosy, and there’s a New Book on the table and 3 New Books in the Book RoomCoffee Shop

Make sure you check out the Sumaker3000 at the Cove, the Photo Area at the Forest, The Dojo and Dojo Courtyard, the Workshop in the Dance Lounge and the Underground Pool & Mine. What I’m trying to say is check out all the places on Club Penguin they are all AWESOME!


P.S If your wondering, I’m on Brown Belt in Card-Jitsu.


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