Member Dance Party Free Item Cheats & New Game!!!

The Member Party took ages to come, but atleast it’s here now.

If you are a Member, (like me) you can go into the Night Club and get the Free Item which is a Boom Box.

Boom Box Free Item

When you dance with this item you do some pretty cool Break Dancing (like Scarletred).

Now we can go to the 3rd storey and meet Cadence (AKA DJ K-Dance)! If you find her you get a Free Background, please let me know if you do. 😉

Top Floor

The Lounge Room is pretty cool as well, you have to walk on the Items to make a noise with them.

Lounge Room

When your in the Night Club you Penguin name will periodically appear on the Welcome sign.

Welcome Sign

Don’t forget to check out the New Game. You can choose either Multiplayer or Solo Dancing. It’s pretty simple though.

Well, if you are a Member, you better check out the Party before Sunday the 18th of January. The Winter Fiesta will begin on Friday the 23rd.



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