How to get More Coins in the Dancing Contest!!!

This is how to get Lots of coins in the Dancing  Contest Game:

Credit to Chewy Pup for the coins cheat.

Money Maker Walkthrough:

1. Click on the Dance Game and when you
are just about to get to it click the house icon.

club penguin cheats

2. You should see this if you did it right, click yes.

club penguin cheats

3. Now play a game and when you are finished go to the main menu.

Then click Quit then Ok repeatedly to earn lots of free coins fast.

club penguin cheats

The more games you play the faster this cheat will work!

Secret Puffle cheat:

Go dancing with the purple puffle to earn more points.

club penguin cheats

Wanna play expert mode in single player?

There is a secret where you have to click DJ Cadence at
the difficulty selection page and you can play in expert mode.

club penguin cheats



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