Club Penguin Dance Contest Cheats – Caitiecat12 has OVER 80,000 Coins!!!

That Dance Contest Cheat is great I now have over 80,000 Coins! The only problem is, if everyone knows about it Club Penguin will fix this Cheat/Glitch/or whatever it’s called.:)


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to meet Cadence, but at least I have heaps of Coins!



6 Responses to “Club Penguin Dance Contest Cheats – Caitiecat12 has OVER 80,000 Coins!!!”

  1. Socky4 Says:

    I have 954,261.

  2. sora273 Says:

    Hey great post!

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  3. trisha Says:

    ok i left a message but it wouldnt show cuase i used swear words whateva this post is weird but web is nice good job kiddo

  4. raso0od Says:


  5. anna 1211 Says:

    if u r going to saya cheat then dont u think u should say wat it is

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