I can’t believe it Club Penguin banned me for no reason. I told my dad and he emailed Club Penguin about this. He reckons someone must have hacked my account, because I definitely didn’t break any of the rules. I won’t be able to have Club Penguin Cheat pictures with Caitiecat12, my member Penguin, but I’ll have Caity Cat12 instead. My ban will be over on Wednesday the 3rd of Feb. If you have ever been banned on Club Penguin for no reason I understand how worried you get, especially if you a Member.



2 Responses to “Caitiecat12 GOT BANNED FROM CLUB PENGUIN!!!”

  1. C00lgirl7193 Says:

    well r u banned 4eva? if so why?

  2. Jurtle Says:

    Hi. I got kicked off a server once for NO REASON (actually yesterday) and I didn’t do anything. CP Support gave me a bad response.

    “Hello. A moderator caught you saying something inappropriate. Be careful next time.

    Club Penguin Support

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