Tips and Cheats on Puffle Care!!!

Sorry, for the wait, but I think finally I can make a post that will work fine.

Here are some tips on Puffle Care.

What NOT to do with your Club Penguin puffle.

Feeding your Club Penguin puffle is always a good thing to do, but be sure not to feed it too much! Feeding your puffle too much will cause its health to decrease – and same with making your puffles sleep. When you put your puffles to sleep too much, it will also cause its health to decrease.


How to increase your puffle’s Health, Energy, and Rest.

You can view your puffle’s health, energy, and rest status by clicking on your puffle. The yellow bars will tell you what you need to do with your puffle (feed it, play with it, etc.) If you don’t know what to do with your puffle when one of its bars is low, here is a chart I made that will tell you what to do when each bar is low.

  1. When the Health bar is low: Play with your puffle (click on the “Play with your Pet” button).
  2. When the Energy bar is low: Feed your puffle (click on the “Feed your Pet” button).
  3. When the Rest bar is low: Make your puffle sleep (click on the “Sleep” button).

Make sure that you don’t feed or make your puffle sleep too much!


P.S By the way, to those people who were wondering, I’m not banned forever thankfully.


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