Thanks so much to everyone who entered the contest. It was hard to choose the because many of you did answer the questions correctly and sent a GREAT email to Club Penguin. But of course this decision has to be made, and I chose…………. ‘Bubblypop46’ as the winner! Congratulations! They sent in to Club Penguin an extrememely convincing email about keeping the St. Patricks Day, the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt and the Christmas Parties.

Ive sent the winner an email, notifying about their achievements, although if I don’t receive a reply in the next month from them, then X you’re the winner!



>—–CONTEST ENDS 31st JULY 2010—–<

I know I am having a 1 year Free Club Penguin Membership contest when  my site has 120,000 hits, but I bought another 6 month Membership Card from Target, and I’m feeling generous, so, I’m going to give it away!

The contest opens today (the 4th April 2010) and ends on the 31st May 2010 18th July 2010.


1 – Simply send an email to Club Penguin about wanting them to keep the St Patrick’s Day Party, the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt and also the Christmas Party.You can enter a maximum of 5 times, but must have different emails to Club Penguin in each entry.


  1. How many pins have there ever been in Club Penguin?
  2. How old will my penguin be on the 1st of July?
  3. What are the URL’s of my 3 blogs?
  4. When was the first post of all 3 blogs?
  5. When did the stage open in Club Penguin?
  6. Which one of my 3 blogs can you read the Penguin Times newspaper, without logging in to Club Penguin?
  7. What severs do I usually choose to go on in Club Penguin?
  8. Where do I and “Club Penguin Wiki” believe the island of Club Penguin is located?
  9. Is Rockhopper named after a real type of penguin?
  10. How many games are there in Club Penguin?

ENTRIES can be either a comment or preferably an email. Remember, you must leave your name, penguins name and email address.

TO WIN who ever does the best, accurate job on the email or answers, I will give them the 6 month free membership.

THE WINNER WILL RECIEVE the 6 month Club Penguin membership code via email.

Good Luck and waddle on!


P.S If you would like any more details about the competition please email me at Thankyou!

>—–CONTEST ENDS 18th JULY 2010—–<



  1. eirini999 Says:

    hi caity!count me on the contest!isend them an great email!please give me the membership,because i live in greece and there arent any disney stores.bye caity!

  2. ale3 Says:

    hi i want to get the free membership caity!!Pls…
    am looking for days to find someone who can give me a free membership!!See ya!!!

  3. caity12 Says:

    You have to show me the email you sent Club Penguin!
    Thanks everyone,

    • eirini999 Says:

      i say them that:hi cp!please keep these parties: Patrick’s Day Party, the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt and also the Christmas Party.they are all great!!!if you dont keep them i will say all my penguin friends to not play cp anymore!i will send emails to all the penguins i can and say them that:dont play cp anymore because the cp isnt going to have all that great parties! bye.dont forget to keep these parties!

  4. Mady Jane Says:


  5. tenor22 Says:

    My sister have got a birtday!

    she is 6 years old!

    I want it!!

    It is a present!!!

    My email is

  6. club penguin family! Says:

    hello so I was thinking about the all the advents and I really want you to keep them! my whole family enjoys waddling around on clubpenguin and so do i and we enjoyed the st patricks day loads because my family are irish and the christmas festival was amazing where you could get to see santa and how hard you had put into making the decorations for the party.We also liked the easter egg scavenger hunt mostly my little brother because he liked looking for the eggs hes only 6 and he loves it! hes been wanting a membership for 1 and a half years and our mum had promised us but then she died in a car accident some weeks ago so if you could send us a membership code we would do anything for club penguin we would tell people about how great it is and we will think of ideas and email them to you…

    thanks much!

    the family

    P.S thank you so much for making club penguin its a amazing game for kids any age!

  7. X Says:

    I have sent Club Penguin the email.

    This is a copy of it. It goes as follows.

    Club Penguin Team,

    We, the community of Club Penguin, demand the return of the St. Patrick’s Day Party, the Easter Egg Hunt, and the Christmas Party.

    In March of 2009, you can witness the color green everywhere. Luck! Clovers! Everything in between! In fact, all of the preceding St. Patrick’s Day Parties were phenomenal. They were so astonishing that penguins were left pondering the question: “What will next year’s party be like?” Their hopes were crushed, turned down, and the old, lingering aura of luck has dissipated. What happened?

    Now, the Easter Egg Hunt was such a big hit as well. Why, if it weren’t for that party, many of the penguins won’t be as observant and clever! Take the Easter Egg Hunts of 2009 and 2008 for examples. The eggs! They were well-hidden (more like well-disguised)! Who would have thought that an egg would be colored to resemble the cactus at the Book Room? What about the lights in front of the stage? One of two was an egg, was it not?

    Now, I interviewed several anonymous penguins on many different sites; this one caught my attention:

    “You know, after Club Penguin’s 2009 Easter Egg Hunt, I gotta say that I was awaiting the next one. I waited patiently over a year, wondering things like ‘What’ll Club Penguin do for this year’s eggs?’ and ‘I hope this next Easter Egg Hunt would be so hard that I will have to use a cheating site XD! But seriously, when I saw that there would be no Easter Egg [Hunt], I was just INFURIATED!!! I wouldn’t say they removed it; rather, they REPLACED it with a terrible, TERRIBLE Recycling Hunt. What the heck? A hunt… on recycling? It was so easy that I nearly pulled my guts out! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???”

    See, the Easter Egg Hunt is one of Club Penguin’s most popular searching parties. As stated, it was replaced by an unsatisfactory Recycling Hunt. The users of Club Penguin cannot, and WILL NOT tolerate a Recycling Hunt each and every year.

    Finally, the Christmas Party is what sparked everyone’s fuses. Sure, one can say that we had one, but whoever says that is oblivious of the name. No longer was it called a Christmas Party, but rather, it was called a Holiday Party. Even though the Christmas Party was the celebration that people technically referred to as “The Lost Party,” there have been many others that were removed as well. The Water Party, the Submarine Party, and what’s next? If you deprive us of the Christmas Party, then the Halloween Party would be renamed, and the future of Club Penguin will become bleak.

    We can take this no more. Enraged by this removal of popular parties, we insist that these celebrations return in 2011 and all consecutive years. Any “replacement parties” won’t be acceptable. If you, the Club Penguin Team, do not fulfill the demands of us, the users who play and once enjoyed Club Penguin, then Club Penguin itself will be nothing more than the other sites that cannot satisfy its users. With Club Penguin on the verge of self-destruction, along with the gradual disappointment of its penguins, you really have no choice, and the least you can do is to bring these festivities back.

    I speak on behalf of The Club Penguin Community.

    X (my username shall not be revealed.)

    So there you have it, a strongly worded essay on Club Penguin’s hideous decision to replace and/or remove the parties we all knew and loved.

    If I win this contest, please email me at

    Thank you, and may Club Penguin fulfill our desire.

  8. X Says:

    Hmm… is this contest still running?

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  11. jessy Says:

    i want to have a member card

  12. X Says:

    What luck! Club Penguin replied to my email!

    They emphasized how displeased everyone was with the removal of parties, and they explained further that they would bring back some of the parties next year!

    Call me lucky, but I thought Club Penguin would never respond accordingly to a complaint.

  13. X Says:

    I hear you want the email Club Penguin sent. By request, here is the brief letter sent to me by support.

    “Hello, X. Thank you for your concern regarding our latest parties.

    We understand your disappointment of the removal of these celebrations. Even though we cannot bring these parties back this year, they will surely return next year with many new features, so stick around and keep your flippers crossed. Each party will be better than the last!

    The Club Penguin Team will not guarantee that every celebration will return, but don’t worry! The residents of Club Penguin enjoy a surprise, so we can’t spoil everything. We CAN say, however, that there will be lots coming up, starting with the new collectible stamps. Expect to have even more fun with our new upgrades!

    If you have any more questions or suggestions, we would be eager to hear from you!

    Waddle on!

    Club Penguin Support”

    Now, I don’t check my email often, but no matter! This is definitely good news for us, even if a few parties won’t return.

    • caity12 Says:

      Thanks very much, it does sound promising. I hope this is true, and if it is, they better keep their word! Thanks again!
      Waddle on!

  14. Gianis10 Says:

    Hello there Caity12! I just want to ask you, if you have determinited the winner of the membership code. I have already sent you an e-mail with the answers! I will be waiting to your reply!

    • caity12 Says:

      Thanks for commenting!
      No, I haven’t actually chosen the winner yet as I have been very busy and I’m still recieving entries on basically a daily basis! I think the date I will be anouncing the winner is going to be the 31st of August 2010 now. I will let everyone know if I decide to postpone it any longer.
      Waddle on!

  15. cosy7682 Says:

    i just thought: if ur in a shop u cud get the code for the membership card!

  16. Gianis10 Says:

    Did you choose the winner???!!!

  17. Gianis10 Says:

    August 31st is here did you choose the winner?!?!?!?!

  18. X Says:

    Did you forget about the contest? It’s alright; take your time. Just don’t forget to purchase a 6-month membership or else more and more people will complain.

    • caity12 Says:

      I apologise for the wait, but it was SO hard to choose the winner. Although, now I have picked a winner and notified them about it. Have a look at the post about it by clicking here, and you’ll see I’ve writen an update about it. I’ll probably also post a new post about the winner.
      Waddle on!

  19. X Says:

    Hmm… five months of waiting. I even arranged interviews for my “persuasive essay.”

    If Bubblypop46’s email was absolutely stellar, then everyone should be obligated to see the winning message here or perhaps in a new post.

    • caity12 Says:

      Sure, I’ll post it as soon as I can get back into my email account and find their entry out of the many. Also, I’ve decided that if they don’t respond to the email I sent them, I’m going to make you the winner. What you wrote was absolutely fantastic too. 🙂
      Waddle on!

  20. Megz Says:

    hello sorry to be toally rude but i have seen you are putting up 6 months free membership can i have it plz xxx

  21. Jessica Says:

    my little brother has a birthday coming up tommorow so can i plz have it

  22. alex Says:

    please please please please PLEASE let me have it, i just really want to participate in the activities that members can, so please, please let me have it, please….. P.S.please……???

  23. b Says:

    jasc animation shop or a photo software

  24. slippy 1236 Says:

    the rockhopper is a program not real penguin!

  25. fadhilrafii Says:

    how i get membership ?

  26. littlemix101 Says:

    i wish i got a membership.:( someone hacked my old accounted and banned me forever and my mum won’t let me get abother membership:(

  27. sarah Says:

    hi!plz read this!for me it importent!look….i am from israel and i relly want a membreship code but bucose i live here i will never get…..cose all the sites and dwonlends are for UK and all the ader places but-israel!
    so plz i am loking for free membership like for 2-3 years……even a 7 days mebarship will be good!plzzzzz here is my email -i hope to get soon a messege from you guys….plzzz and tx…for reading this!
    p.s. if you want i can olso give you my co name and pss for you to make me a member!but plz dont bann

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