Medieval Party 2010 Cheats – Quest 1 Walkthrough

In this year’s Club Penguin Medieval Party, there are two different Knight’s Quests that you can go on. The first one is very similar to last year’s quest and uses all the same puzzles and activities. But the free item and prizes are different, so even if you finished it last year, you’ll want to give it another try. Here is a walkthrough for the entire quest.

Challenge 1

In the first room, the goal is easy. You just need to light up all five orbs. To light up the orbs, walk onto the platform in front of each one. When all five have been lit, the gate in the back of the room will open and you can proceed to the next challenge.

Challenge 2

The next room has another simple challenge. You need to hit 50 targets in the room with snowballs. You can use the snowball icon on your toolbar, but it’s much faster to throw them using the “T” key. There’s a counter in the bottom right corner of the screen to show you how many you have left. Once all 50 are hit, you can walk through the gate on the left side. Before you leave, make sure you pick up the special free item on the right side of the room; the staff and shield.

Challenge 3

The next challenge is a bit harder. It’s a maze and to solve it you’ll need to know how to decode the symbols that appear on the sign above in the starting room. Use these symbols to navigate the maze in the correct order and you’ll arrive safely in the next room. Before you go, waddle over to the big box, which has a free iron helmet. This is the first part of the full iron suit of armor that you can earn on this quest. After you pick up the armor, walk through the maze in the following order:

  1. Down
  2. Left
  3. Down
  4. Right
  5. Right
  6. Up

The Final Room

Once you successfully complete the maze, you’ll end up inside the final room. There’s no challenge here: just a free item! Up at the top of the staircase, you can grab the Iron Armour, which will complete your armor set. You can exit through the door on the right when you’re done.

And that’s it for the first Knight’s Quest. The rooms and challenges are all the same, but you did get a really nice new set of armor. Now you can proceed onto Knight’s Quest 2, which is longer and in my opinion, more fun!

Waddle on and have fun, 🙂



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