New Mission 11 Veggie Villain Walkthrough and pages updated and organised!!!

I now have the Walkthrough available for the new mission 11 Veggie Villain. To see the walkthrough, Click Here, or you can go to my left sidebar and click on ‘Mission 11 Veggie Villain Walkthrough’. *NOTE* All other mission walkthroughs are named (mission number) (mission name) Cheats’

When you complete the mission, you recieve the Mission 11 Medal…

…and also the Gift if you help the penguin fix his glasses.

With the gift, if you click on the red button, you recieve a free item, the Spy Goggles as well as a short message from Dot, thanking you for helping the penguin.

Also, I have updated and organised my pages, because I believe I had to many, and I hadn’t organsised them for a while. I recommend taking a look at the history of pins! It’s very interesting to discover previous ones, which I never before knew they had.

Waddle on and hope you’re enjoying the new mission!



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