Good Quality Club Penguin Animation by Caitiecat12!!!

Here is my first 2 good quality Club Penguin animation. I have made a few others earlier, but this is by far the best I’ve made.

This one’s a bit  long, but it’s well worth the time watching. You also get a glance of my igloo, which I found out the other day has 99 items in it, the limit.

Just to let you know, the beginning is in the Ski Village…

…and the end is in the Sports Shop.

This one is about my favourite place in Club Penguin, or atleast one of my favourites.

Also I was supposed to write ‘bubbles‘ instead of bubble.

I am so happy that I’ve done this, but the thing is, it’s a 30 day trail, so after that, I won’t be able to make any more. 😦

Please let me know what you think.

Here are some more, but simple low quality GIF animations  that I promised I would post.

Please let me know what one looks better quality, the top or bottom one.

If you know how to make animated Gifs like Saraapril, I will give you a free Club Penguin 1 month Membership. Even if you don’t know exactly how, please let me know if you have any idea, and I will put you in the running to win a Free 6 month Club Penguin membership.

Waddle on,



3 Responses to “Good Quality Club Penguin Animation by Caitiecat12!!!”

  1. Sponge760 Says:

    What program did you use?!

  2. Beverly Rowena Gomes Says:

    botom one

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