New Club Penguin 4″ Puffle Toys – Series #5

Club Penguin Puffles are perfect for any bedroom or backpack, a puffles’ preferred habitats. Filled with a soft beanie center and covered with fun hair to smooth or style.

Below are the new Series #5 4″ Club Penguin puffle toys.

Club Penguin 4” White Pet Puffle – Series #5

Our gentle and strong little bushy-haired White Pet Puffle loves to skate.

Club Penguin 4” Red Pet Puffle – Series #5

This adventurous, bushy-haired Red Pet Puffle is looking for some excitement and hugs.

Club Penguin 4” Purple Pet Puffle – Series #5

This happy, bushy-haired Purple Pet Puffle is ready to dance and celebrate.

Club Penguin 4” Pink Pet Puffle – Series #5

This cheerful, bushy-haired Pink Pet Puffle loves nothing better than to jump!

Club Penguin 4” Yellow Pet Puffle – Series #5

Bright-eyed and bushy-haired, the Yellow Pet Puffle is wide-awake and ready for fun.

Club Penguin 4” Blue Pet Puffle – Series #5

This loyal, bushy-haired Blue Pet Puffle likes nothing more than playing ball.

Club Penguin 4” Black Pet Puffle – Series #5

This strong, skateboard-loving bushy-haired Black Pet Puffle is looking ready to play.

Club Penguin 4” Orange Pet Puffle – Series #5

This excitable, bushy-haired Orange Pet Puffle is looking for some nice hugs.

Club Penguin 4” Green Pet Puffle – Series #5

This playful, bushy-haired Green Pet Puffle loves clowning around.

If you want to buy any Club Penguin Toys, please CLICK HERE.

Just thought I’d add Club Penguin’s official Puffle video, that was available on their site around February 2010, before the Puffle party.

Waddle On!



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