New EPF HQ ‘The Test’ Perfect Score Walkthrough!!!

To be an EPF secret agent, you need to pass ‘the Test’. It’s quite easy, but I will still make a walkthrough with animated pictures, to help you along the way.

To begin, simply check your postcard inbox, and you should have recieved a postcard about joining the EPF.

After reading it, simply click ‘Go There’

You will be teleported to the Everyday Phoning Facility.

Next, click on the ringing telephone…

…and a target will appear, you will need to hit it with a snowball.

Afterwards, you will have several fairly easy challenges like walking over to the Gree square, running over to the red square as fast as you can, hiding from the camera, escaping the trap. Below, in the animated pictures, they’ll shows how you get a perfect score in the Test.

Walk over to the green light which will appear soon after hitting the target.

After walking over to it, you need to run/waddle as fast as you can to the red light, on the bottom, opposite the green.

Next you will need to hide from the both cameras, this is shown in the picture below.

Final challenge is the cage one, remember not to go into it! Deactivate the control box by throwing a snowball at it.

It seems that snowballs must be very powerful and a great thing to help out us Agents! Hope this helps you out! Please let me know of what you think of the New HQ!

Waddle on!



6 Responses to “New EPF HQ ‘The Test’ Perfect Score Walkthrough!!!”

  1. ann Says:

    thanx for the help 🙂
    i also worked out to avoid both carmera throw a snowball at camera two and hide behind the post 😛

  2. oor wullie2 Says:



  3. Elmo's twin Says:

    It totally works! ♥
    I just love it so much ♥
    but how did you find out? ♥
    Anyway your probably just talented! ♥

  4. Emzy102 Says:

    heyy that really helped not being sarcastic! 😛

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