Adventure Party and Rockhopper Visit plans in Newspaper!!!

Issue #243 of the Penguin Times Newspaper is now out, and it reveales that Club Penguin WILL be having an adventure party after all! Not only that, but Rockhopper will also be visiting!! If you don’t already know, I sent an email to Club Penguin strongly requesting on behalf of a HUGE amount of penguins, and it turned out they DID listen in the end! I can’t wait!

Here what the article says about the party:

“Everyone get ready! All over, penguins are getting set for the Island Adventure Party. We caught up with a busy party planner who told us, “We’re working on lots of cool stuff for party-goers. Things like secret forts, nautical games, and a place that Mermaids would love.

We’re also thinking about doing a scvenger hunt and starting some good old-fashioned seafaring battles…”

Sources tell us that penguins are helping to get the island ready. Some pirates have even been spotted setting up flares at the beach to call Rockhopper. “We definately want him here. And me? Personally, I like the Treasure Hunt game the best.”

Sounds like there might be a Scavenger Hunt? The party begins June 18 2010!

Not only the Adventure party will return on the 18th, but Rockhopper will also! He hasn’t visited for a few months, so it will be nice to have a chance to look at his ship “the Migrator” and possibly even meet him! But for now we need to call him and try and make him come quicker, the instructions are below.

How to make Rockhopper come!

1. Light Flares by clicking on them. Try to make them go as high as you can!

2. Dance be loud with your buddies!

3. Throw a party in your igloo and eat pizza – Rockhopper’s favourite food!

4. Remember to keep a look for Rockhopper.

Also, take a look at the picture when you solve the wordsearch.

I’m really excited! I can’t wait to adventure in the beautiful, tropical, fun environment! It’s so rare to see Club Penguin like this! Hope you and I both meet Rockhopper this time. I’ve only met him once ever! Please let me know if you’re excited too!

Waddle on!



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