Ruby and the Ruby play returns AGAIN at the Stage!!!

The Stage play “Ruby and the Ruby” has returned AGAIN, the only difference is there’s a new pin. It’s a 1930’s detective story and the play is entirely in black and white. It follows the story of a detective named Jacque Hammer and a woman named Ruby.

Here’s how you find the hidden pin:

  1. Click on the lamp on the desk near the front.
  2. Click on the file cabinet in the office.
  3. Click on the garbage can in the alley in the back.
  4. Click on the book on the same desk as the lamp you clicked before.
  5. Click on the flower vase on the table in the living room
  6. Click on the painting on the wall, which reveals a safe
  7. Click on the combination lock on the safe to open it and reveal the red ruby pin!

Also in the Costume Trunk catalog, there are 2 cheats.

1. Click on the doorknob for the Dark Detective’s Coat.


2. To find the hidden background, go to the back page and slide down the message.

Below is the script:

  • Hammer: I was working late. A terrible storm was raging.
  • Ruby: You’ve got to help me!
  • Hammer: What’s the problem madam?
  • Ruby: Someone has stolen my gemstone!
  • Hammer: Jacque Hammer at your service.
  • Ruby: Let’s work together.
  • Hammer: I work alone, Ms. Ruby.
  • Ruby: There was this fishy-looking guy outside.
  • Hammer: And you suspect him?
  • Ruby: I saw him throw something in the bin.

Scene 2:

  • Hammer: The name’s Hammer – Jacque Hammer.
  • Hammer: I’ve got a few questions for you.
  • Tenor: Mind if I play hopscotch while you ask them?
  • Hammer: What were you doing yesterday?
  • Tenor: I was right here with my hopscotch gang.
  • Hammer: I bet you’ve hopscotched away a few gems, right?
  • Tenor: You’re barking up the wrong tree, Hammer.

Scene 3:

  • Hammer: There was nothing in the bin. I needed clues.
  • Dom: Hello Mr. Hammer. It’s good to see you, sir.
  • Hammer: Seen anything suspicious, Dom?
  • Dom: Sorry, Mr. Hammer, sir, I haven’t.
  • Hammer: Where’s Ms. Ruby?
  • Dom: She’s arranging the flowers across the hall, sir.
  • Hammer: That lady’s trouble. I need to speak to her…
  • Dom: Don’t forget to sign the guestbook, sir.

Scene 4:

  • Hammer: Anything else you can tell me, madam?
  • Ruby: Haven’t you found it yet? I’m busy.
  • (Ruby exits)
  • Hammer: I found a note under a vase.
  • Hammer: The numbers looked like a combination.

Scene 5:

  • Hammer: Here’s your gem, Ms. Ruby. It was safe all along.
  • Ruby: Oh, jolly well done, Hammer.
  • Hammer: Another day, another crime solved.

Do you think Club Penguin should have a NEW play? I do, but atleast they have a new pin, otherwise they would’ve broken history by repeating a pin!

Waddle on!



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