New EPF Spy Phone Features Field Ops and Elite Gear!!!

The Spy Phone now has the 2 new features – Field Ops and Elite Gear!

Field Ops

With this feature, we take part in weekly tasks to help keep Club Penguin safe. When you complete a task, you recieve a medal.

CLICK HERE for the Field Ops Cheats for Week 1

Elite Gear

With the medals you earn after every task completed in Field Ops, you can buy special EPF gear!

So far all the gear is for any penguins whether you’re a member or not. The “Starter Gear” contains the EPF Earpiece. The “Basic Set Delta” contains the Delta Fedora, Delta Shades, Delta Suit and Delta Sneaks.

The “Basic Set Alpha” contains the Alpha, Alpha Shades, Alpha Suit and Alpha Pumps.

Not all the gear items are 1 medal either, some are 2, 3 and even 4 medals to buy. No matter how many medals you spend though, it will always show you career total at the bottom.

I can’t wait until I can afford the Basic Set Alpha! My current EPF agent outfit, is a bit dull and manly.

Until then… Waddle on!



5 Responses to “New EPF Spy Phone Features Field Ops and Elite Gear!!!”

  1. mrwiddow Says:

    hi how do you use the spy phone to disarm the popcorn michean

    • caity12 Says:

      Thanks for your comment. If you read the post properly, then you would’ve have seen this link “CLICK HERE for the Field Ops Cheats for Week 1” in bold. This explains how you do it.
      Hope this helps.
      Waddle on!

  2. EPF Field-Ops Task Week 3 Cheats!!! « Caity12′s Club Penguin Cheats, Updates, Secrets, Glitches, Fun, Help, Pins and MORE!!! Says:

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  3. ryan Says:

    awsome cheats the best ive ever heard

  4. Chrisdog93 Says:


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