Club Penguin Times Adventure Party and Rockhopper Updates!!!

Tomorrow, Club Penguin’s 2010 Adventure Party will be here! I’m really excited! Here’s what the newspaper article says about it!

Sources tell us that swashbuckling adventures have started all over the island. We had a hard time finding anyone to stay still long enough to talk.

“I made up my own map and marked off ALL the places I’m gonna go,” said an ultra-busy pirate.

“My friends and I just finished a snowball battle at the Forts. But I’m late to get to the Dock. Gotta run!”

“Scanvenger hunt! It’s gonna be a blast!” A mermaid shouted as she ran past. “That’s what I’m doing first. Everyone’s talking about digging for some treasure!”

The Island Avdenture Party goes until June 27, so don’t miss any of the adventures. This reporter is excited to do some wilderness training at the Tree Forts!

Also, there is an article about Rockhopper visiting on the 21st!

The Migrator has been spotted in the telescope and sea-smart penguins tell us the pirate should arrive on the island by June 21.

“Arrrr. We used careful calculations,” said one pirate penguin, “and ye Migrator will be here soon! And I think Rockhopper will be pretty impressed with this party!”

An expert added, “Not only will he be impressed, but I think excited to join in. He must have seen the flares we sent off and set sail straight away.”

Party planners give special thanks to all penguins who  helped to call Rockhopper to the Island Adventure Party. Let’sgive him a graaand pirate welcome!

So Rockhopper will arrive on the Island on Monday June 21st! Hope we can meet him!

Also here are the upcoming events!

The party’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN! It’s one of my personal favourite parties ever! I will have all the cheats when it begins.

Until then… Waddle on!



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