Rockhopper arrives in Club Penguin June 2010!!!

Rockhopper has finally arrived on the Island of Club Penguin, in time for the Adventure Party!!! He arrvied with a new free item, as well as 4 member only items.

To see what items he bought with for us this time, you need to go into the ship hold, by first entering the Migrator…

…then walking through the doors under the “Store” sign.

You’ll then end up in the Ship Hold. So, to see the items either click on the map-looking icon in the lower right hand side of your screen…

…OR walk over to the part of the room on the left where the pirate’s clothes rack is.

The free item is the Squid Lid, which is what we voted for earlier in April. The member only items are the Jolly Rodger Flag for 200 coins (a furniture item), the Pirate Arm Bands for 150 coins, the Striped Pirate Bandana for 375 coins and a Pirate Lass for 425 coins.

Here’s what the Striped Pirate Bandana and the Pirate Lass look like together when wearing them.

A bit messy, but very piratey!

Also you can play the Treasure Hunt game, which is a lot of fun, especially when you find an Emerald!

Hmm, according to Rockhopper’s To Do list, he wants to play shipwreck on the Iceberg, learn some new sailin’ tricks and have a pizza party!

Hmm, they might be some clues on finding him and Yarr…

Please let me know it you do find Rockhopper.

Waddle on!



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