EPF Field-Ops Task Week 3 Cheats!!!

Club Penguin’s 3rd Field-Ops task is now here and below I have the complete walkthrough!

First of all, go to the EPF Command Room by either teleporting there with your Spy Phone OR waddling there via the “Everyday Phoning Facility.”

Once there, click on the large screen on the right, that says “Field-Ops”.

You will then be given instructions for this weeks task. The our instructions/clue this week reads “We’ve detected an old PSA Spy Phone lost near a “large light bulb”. It must not be found by Herbert! Search the island for the phone, then destroy it by overloading the circuits. We’re counting on you!”

Originally, I thought the location with a large light bulb was the Beacon, but when I knew it wasn’t the right place, I remembered the Cave Mine had a large light! That’s the one we power with snowballs!!!

Walk over to the light bulb, and then your EPF Spy Phone will start ringing! Click on it to answer!

Then, you will have a small challenge of matching the circuit paths by the shapes or symbols on them. By doing this, you will overload the wiring.

Afterwards you will recieve a medal!

Congratulations! You can now redeem your medal(s) for Elite Gear! This week I’m going to save my medal, so I can buy “The Alpha” next week!

Click Here to see what Elite Gear I redeemed in week 2!

Click Here to see what Elite Gear I redeemed in week 1!

More about Field Ops and Elite Gear here!

If you need any more help with anything to do with Club Penguin, please let me know!

Waddle on!



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