Penguin Style Clothing Catalog Cheats July 2010

The new Penguin Style catalogue for July 2010 is now here! As the Music Jam festival is beginning this month, there are quite a few nice outfits and instruments to match!
penguin style July 2010 cheats

Turn to the 3rd page, click on the top of the tree on the left of screen, so you can find the 3D Glasses.
3D Glasses

On the 3rd page of the catalog, click on the foot of the Green Penguin. Acoustic Sunburst Guitar is here!
Acoustic Sunburst Guitar

Go to the 4th page, click on the little white button to find the Supernova Suit.
Supernova Suit

Click on the another button to buy The Rocker.
The Rocker

Still on the 4th page, click on the button of the speaker on the right of page, you can find the Blue Sunglasses.
Blue Sunglasses

To find the Purple Electric Bass, you should go to the 5th page then click on the black speaker on near the stairs.
Purple Electric Bass

Do you see the piano? Click on the board of the piano to buy the Red Sunglasses.
Red  Sunglasses

Go to the 6th page, then click on the Tiki on the top of the page to find the Trombone.

On the right part of the page, you can see a brown penguin, click on his nose then you can buy The Shock Wave, Spikester Cuffs, Pink Polka-dot Dress and the Black Checkered Shoes.
Black Checkered Shoes

Go to the 9th page, click on the bubble on the bottom of the page. It’s the way to find Red Viking Helmet and Blue Viking Helmet.
Blue Viking Helmet
Red Viking Helmet

On the 10th page, click on the grape to buy The Duchess and Duchess’ Dress.
The  Duchess

Click on the table bases to find out the Dragon Costume.
Dragon Costume

Go to the next page, click on the pattern of the curtain then you can find the Beautiful Braid and Emerald Dress.
Beautiful Braid

Do you want to get the Green Hooded Cloak? Go to the 13th page then click on the stone.
Green Hooded Cloak

The last hidden item of Clothing Style Catalog July 2010 is Green Face Paint. Go to the 14th page and click on the pink square on the bottom of the left part page.
Green Face  Paint

There are also 2 NEW backgrounds which are the “Star Background” and the “A day at the Beach” background. 🙂

Yay! We can finally buy 3D glasses again! I’ve wanted them for a while and now they are available! 😀

Waddle on!



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