More Screenshots of Club Penguin Game Day for Wii!!!

Today, I at EBGames, I was searching to see if Herbert’s Revenge was released in Australia yet. Although it’s not released quite yet, I found some new screenshots of Club Penguin’s “Game Day” for Wii!!! The game is due for release later this year in September.

ScreenShot Image

Looks like the Puffle Paddle Game from Club Penguin’s annual Fall Fair! 🙂

ScreenShot Image

Feeding the puffles – just like in the Puffle Party! 🙂

ScreenShot Image

4 player hockey game! 🙂

ScreenShot Image

Throwing a HUGE snowball! 🙂

ScreenShot Image

4 penguins rolling more HUGE snowballs! 🙂

ScreenShot Image

WOAH! Ok, I don’t think I can lift and balance all those Java bean sacks! 🙂

ScreenShot Image

Another fun looking snowball game! 🙂

Click here to see more screenshots of Club Penguin’s Game Day for Wii!

Also, I notified by famous Club Penguin friend Saraapril about this and she posted it too WITH credits to me for finding it! Click here to see her post. 🙂

I wish I had a Wii! All of us who don’t must try to get one before September though! Please let me know if you find any different screenshots.

Waddle on!



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