Club Penguin Times #247 Music Jam and Upcoming Events!!!

Remember you can read in full the Club Penguin Times without logging into Club Penguin, just have a look at the right sidebar. You should see a small image of the Newspaper, you simply just click on that and you’ll  be redirected to the page.

Issue #247 of the Club Penguin Times has quite a few tips, tricks and useful ideas which will help us have as much fun as possible at the upcoming Music Jam festival!

The island’s annual music festival is back, and everyone’s invited to step up and perform.

Below are some tips for more fun at the Music Jam!

Form a band. Get some friends and your instruments. Big or small, the Music Jam needs BANDS!

Judge. Have an ear for music? Perfect. You’re a judge. Get into a booth and share your wisdom.

Busk. Enjoy a smaller scene? Then try your flipper at busking. Open your guitar case, and play for smaller crowds around town.

Dance. If you prefer to move to the beat, then put on those dancing shoes. Those dance floors aren’t going to fill themselves!

So practice in your igloos, spin tracks at the Night Club – do whatever you need to do! Just join the party! ‘Cause Music Jam is on!

Click Here to see how to start a Conga Line at the Music Jam festival!!!

This week’s Secret Revealed is about Special Dances!

YAY! Finally we’re able to play guitar while wearing a t-shirt!

Have a look at this funny picture of Aunt Arctic rocking on her guitar! It appears after completing this weeks Word Search.

Here are the upcoming events, featured in this issue of the Club Penguin Times!

July 9 – Music Jam festival, new Penguin Mail

July 15 – New instruments available, new pin, new Better Igloos catalog

July 23 – New (repeated AGAIN!) stage play – Underwater Adventure

The Music Jam begins tomorrow, so make sure you’re ready to rock and shake the island with music!

Waddle on!



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