Music Jam Festival July 2010 CHEATS and FREE ITEMS!!!

The annual Music Jam festival is here for 2010! It brings many fun musical activites, wonderfully decorated rooms, and even famous penguins like Cadence and the Penguin Band! This year there are 3 free items all together, 1 for all penguins, 2 for members and 1 being a repeated item.

The Town - Music Jam Festival 2010

The free item available for ALL penguins are the Blue Headphones! Go to the Cove to pick them up!

Yes please!

Before I get to the Member only items, I’m gonna show you the member only rooms!

The Night Club rooftop, the Backstage room and the Casa Fiesta room, are the 3 member rooms, BUT they all need an all access pass in order for us to enter.

First, to get an all access pass, go to either the Snow Forts, or the Ski Village, and walk over to the member only t-shirt selling stalls.

Now, you can purchase the all access pass, as well as Music t-shirts, if you haven’t already purchased them from previous years.

So, once you have the all access pass, you can go to the Night Club Rooftop…

…where you can pick up the repeated free item, the Boom Box

…and break dance!

You can also now go to the Casa Fiesta room…

…where we can make music, make a conga line…

…and throw confetti instead of snowballs!

Finally, with the pass, you can enter the Backstage room which you can enter either from the stage at the Dock…

…or from the Casa Fiesta room!

Once in there, you can hang out, do your hair and make-up for a big performance (yes, I was Taylor Swift, not crazy enough for Lady Gaga)…

…pick up the new free item, the Music Jam Shirt

…and purchase musical instruments! MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE 15th!YAY!

ALSO did you notice, you can hear faintly, music from the stage?

I hope you enjoy the Music Jam festival, there are SO MANY things to do! I will add more posts about it AND animated pictures of the fun! In the meantime lets ROCK CLUB PENGUIN!…One more thing… You MUST check out the Lighthouse! When you or other penguins play their instruments, you can hear sound from them!

How to start a Conga Line!

Tips for MORE Music Jam Festival FUN!

Waddle on!



9 Responses to “Music Jam Festival July 2010 CHEATS and FREE ITEMS!!!”

  1. Rosie7721 Says:

    Hi Catiecat12 🙂 I LOVE your blog! I think I am going to start coming here daily 😀 I really like your animations. How do you do them? You should do a post on that 😀 Thanks I really want to know! Waddle on!

  2. hesgreen Says:

    hi i dont know your blog but now i so can you have a chatbox so i can do the chat

  3. Hails2342 Says:

    Hey your soo cool i hope one day i can add you as a buddie

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