Club Penguin Community Updates!!!

Club Penguin have added and updated quite a few things in the community part of their site, like they do every week or month or so.

Theres’s a new featured Igloo,Danaisa’s Igloo. Looks awesome!

There’s a new colouring in picture as well! It features Franky,  all members of the Penguin Band.
Click the image to print.

Click here to see Club Penguin’s Colouring Pages archive.

Also, there are 3 new activities for us to do!

The new recipe is called the “Casa Fiesta Feast”! Sounds REALLY YUMMY!

Casa Fiesta Feast

Casa Fiesta Feast

The new Arts and Crafts activity is called “Paper-Mache”! You can make your own maracas! I think I’m gonna try this one!


Finally, the new Outdoor activity is called “Lyrics DJ”!

Lyric DJ

Click here to see all the Fun Activites on Club Penguin!

Also there’s a new poll asking us about what we think of the Music Jam! I chose”It’s pretty good”, because I don’t think it’s the best party ever…

…here are the results so far.

What do you think of the Music Jam festival? Have you met Cadence? Take a look at the right sidebar to find the Music jam cheats and Cadence finding guide. 🙂

Waddle on!



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