Club Penguin Instrument with T-Shirt Glitch Animated!!!

If you haven’t already noticed, seen, or maybe you’re a non-member, when you play a guitar or some other instruments, you can also wear a music t-shirt with it! BUT this movement has a glitch which Club Penguin still haven’t finished! When you press dance (to begin playing the instrument OR change to a different music t-shirt, you can see the t-shirt looks like its throwing a snowball! As it’s a bit hard to imagine that, have a look at the animation of it below!

It’s very similar to the old “Floating Clothes” glitch, which I really, really liked, but I believe doesn’t work anymore.

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Waddle on!



One Response to “Club Penguin Instrument with T-Shirt Glitch Animated!!!”

  1. Ninjas Patriot Says:

    Hi It’s me Coolpatriot I want to know what you use to make your animations please tell me 🙂 Thanks again my email is

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