I met Cadence AGAIN on Sever Sparkle Music Jam 2010

For the 3rd time at this party and the 3rd time ever, I met Cadence! This time, she was on sever Sparkle, Backstage! This time, I was with her longer so I actually saw her talking to other penguins!

In the picture below, Cadence was saying “HEY OF COURSE I’M REAL!” because a penguin asked “CADENCE ARE YOU A BOT OR A REAL PENGUIN?”. This proves that here Cadence is a real penguin NOT a bot. Very rarely are famous penguins bots.

She also said she couldn’t see herself, but I didn’t get a picture of that. 😦

Unfortunately she couldn’t stay forever. Bye Cadence 🙂

Earlier I also met Cadence on sever Aurora Backstage and sever Breeze in the Town.

This is the NEW background you recieve when you meet her!

Click here if you want to know how to find Cadence OR don’t know who she is!

Waddle on!


btw… If you want to get the background without meeting Cadence the Item Id for Penguin Storm is 9065 ;) My sister’s did this as they think they’re definately NOT going to meet her.


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