EPF Badges as Items in Club Penguin!!!

Today I was mucking around with Penguin Storm and ids, and I made an amazing discovery! There are EPF badges which are items, but the thing is they’re patched items, which CAN NOT be permed. Have a look at them though!

The Wood EPF Badge!

Ice EPF Badge!

Bronze EPF Badge!

Silver EPF Badge!

Gold EPF Badge!

Don’t believe me? The ids are 8000-8004!

What could this mean? Are they actually gonna use them? Make them available for us?

In other news… Thanks everyone for viewing my blog! I now have exactly 130,000 hits! It’s a bit hard to believe! I really appreciate the support, please keep checking back as well! When I have 200,000 hits, I’ll be giving away another free Club Penguin membership!

Waddle on!



4 Responses to “EPF Badges as Items in Club Penguin!!!”

  1. aly Says:

    omg cool how do u get them

  2. Matt Says:

    the codes are patched you idiot!!!

  3. Ryguyrules Says:

    They are proably from EPF Herbert’s revenge. Also, go to http://items.cpcheats.info/id.php and try the Id 8005

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