Club Penguin’s Happy77 asks about Upcoming Stamps!!!

Happy77 is back! We haven’t heard from him/her for a while! Seeing as on Monday, the 26th, stamps will be able to collect in Club Penguin! We’ll be able to display them in a stamp book which everyone can view. AND not only the stamps, but also ALL our pins will be viewable to other penguins.Let’s have a look at the question, my friend Happy77 asked!

Greetings Penguins!

There’s been TONS of talk about Stamps! As you probably know, your Stamp Books will arrive on July 26 and you’ll be able to start earning stamps and showing them off, too.


I wanted to know more, so I asked a Stamps expert:

Q: How will I find my Stamp Book?
A: Just click on your player card. When you do, inside the book there are places for a whole bunch of stamps – and descriptions of how you can earn them.

Q: How do I earn Stamps?
A: Lots of different ways! There are easy stamps and extreme stamps, stamps you have to earn with buddies, and ones that you’ll earn by showing off your skills in games. For example, to earn this stamp, you’ll have to jackhammer at the ‘berg with 30 penguins.


Q: Can I still get pins?
A: Yep, you sure can! Pins aren’t going to change. And the best part is you can show off your ENTIRE pin collection inside your Stamp Book.

I would love to see a Stamp for making lots of candy pizzas. What would YOUR ultimate Stamp be?

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

WOW! Thanks Happy77! I can’t wait! I’m really excited, but also upset non-members won’t be able to collect many stamps. 😦

Waddle on!



One Response to “Club Penguin’s Happy77 asks about Upcoming Stamps!!!”

  1. Pengu 5660 Says:

    WOW! Thx Happy77 ur the best um just sad bout the non members. they cant collect some stamps u no.
    every one who dont like normal club penguin, just try Penguins Storm THIS IS WAT U RITE:


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