EPF Field-Ops Week 6 Task Cheats!!!

Our 6th weekly Field-Ops task is now ready, this means for us, another chance to collect those medals!

Firstly, teleport to the EPF Command Room and click on the yellow screen which says “Field-Ops”.

Then you’ll see your instructions for this weeks Field-Ops task. It reads “Calling all agents! Someone is using  a computer to attack our system! The Scanner is holding… for now. Search the island with other agents for the computer responsible, then shut it down. You must hurry!”

After you’ve finished reading it, click “Accept Field-Op” to continue.

Hm… where could this computer be? Found it! It’s the one in the Recycling Plant!

Now your EPF Spy Phone is ringing! Click to answer!

Finally a new puzzle to complete! We have to “Bypass the system! Match your data with the firewall to brea kthrough. Be sharp! The system speeds up!”

TIP: After getting each one, move back to the center, so it’s easier for you to get to both sides.

Once completed, you recieve another medal! My career total is now 6, but I only have 2 medals to spend.

I’m gonna save them for the Alpha Suit!

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More about Elite Gear and Field Ops!

Waddle on!



2 Responses to “EPF Field-Ops Week 6 Task Cheats!!!”

  1. Clubpenguin3005 Says:

    Hey! Maximan3005 here! I LOVE your site! So creative and fun! Perhaps you could take a look at mine! It’s http://www.maximan3005scheats.webs.com

    • caity12 Says:

      Hey there! Thanks so much, I have put a LOT of effort into it for over 2 years now! I had a look at your site too! It’s great also! Thanks for reading and even commenting on my blog!
      Waddle on!

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