New Club Penguin Times Stamp News!!!

The new Stamps on Club Penguin will arrive July 27!

Below is the article from the Club Penguin Times, as well as instructions on how we earn them.


There’s a buzz around the island about something brand new for penguins. The Club Penguin Times caught up with an extreme penguin who is excited to earn stamps! “Yeah, Stamps! It’ll be awesome for everyone to show the cool stuff we can do. We need a place to  record our rad skills, and that’s what Stamps are! Starting July 27, everyone gets a Stamp Book. We can start collecting them and then show them off to friends.”

He went on to say there are stamps for doing things with buddies, for activities and for game skills too. “There are even stamps for doing cool things like filling up your igloo! I can’t wait!”

For more details about how to start collecting stamps, see the “How To” article on the nex page…


Open your player card, (and other penguin player cards) and you’ll see . Click it to see the Stamp Book.

Inside the book, there are spots where stamps go. Move your mouse over each spot for instructions. Members can customise their books!

Earn stamps by doing activities, taking part in events and playing games. Your friends and puffles can help you to earn some too.

As you collect the, your book will fill up. When other players click  on YOUR player card, they can see all you’ve done. It all starts July 27!

WOW! I can’t wait! Others will now be able to see what pins I’ve collected! And I’ll be able to find old pins which some penguins have collected.

I already know I have got at least one stamp! I’ve filled my igloo with 99 items – the maximum amount!

Anyway… lets just take a quick look at the other upcoming events!

Please let me know what you think!

Waddle on!



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