Club Penguin Stamps Complete Guide, Cheats and Walkthrough!!!

Stamps have finally arrived in Club Penguin which is a good thing, and, also a bad thing. This is good because it’s a fun way we can work, in some cases with others, to collect these items we can show off. BUT it comes with a bad side too. There are MUCH less things for non-members now, unfortunately. I don’t know anyone who wanted this to happen (besides Disney and Club Penguin of course, who want more penguins to buy memberships, obviously so they can get more money. Anyway… on to the guide, then cheats and walkthrough.






Club Penguin stamps are earned by doing activities. When you earn them, they’re moved to your Stamp Book. In the Stamp book, you can show other penguins your pins and Stamps that you’ve collected. You can even edit the cover if you’re a member, by changing the colour added pins and stamps, as well as a pattern if you want.

To find your Stamp Book and other penguin’s Stamp Books, click on the Stamp button on their player cards.

Once you open your player card, you can begin by editing the looks of the cover if you’re a member. Click on the pencil in the lower right corner of the screen.

Then, you can change the colour, add a pattern or even up to 6 of your pins and/or stamps!

Unfortunately, they had NO GREEN! I had to settle for the lighter blue colour, with a basic design for now anyway…

Ok,when you open the book, you’ll see the contents, they’re the catergories the stamps you can collect are in. Activities, games, events and pins are the four catergories, click on one to see more.

*UPDATE* Now also the “Video Game” category has been added.

You can also get to each catergory by clicking on the small tabs on the right of your book.

To find out HOW you can earn each stamp, hover over it for instructions.

Remember some (most in the game catergory) are member only stamps.

Below is the guide, or key, legend, whatever you want to call it.

I also LOVE it how you can see the date of when the pin was released! It’s a really GREAT feature! My first pin was from the 15th of March 2008! You can take a look also at all the pins I’ve collected. Wanna see all the pins EVER on Club Penguin? The first one? Then click here.

So, most of the games below are restricted for non-members – they can only play the easier few levels.

Cheats and Walkthrough

Click here to see how to earn all the Stamps!

What do you think of the new feature? I think it’s good and bad, and I HATE what they’ve done to non-members.

Waddle on!



22 Responses to “Club Penguin Stamps Complete Guide, Cheats and Walkthrough!!!”

  1. aly Says:

    its not fair wat there doing i wish i was a memeber

    • caity12 Says:

      I agree. I wish they wouldn’t be so unfair to non-members

      • silly 26 Says:

        ya its so annoying poor non members having no fun at all… (disney is so unfair they just want money for everything)

      • caity12 Says:

        Thanks for your comment. I absolutely agree with you. Disney wants money. Even MORE money than they already have. I wish they wouldn’t do this!
        Waddle on!

  2. anonomus Says:

    i know how to use it and everything but i just wanted cheats! (please dont take this affensivly or personaly!)
    but i do think this is a verey good website for people want help!!!!! and for beginers so rock on!!!!!!! 😉

  3. donttellmehname Says:

    haha poor non members

    • Platypus Says:

      Hey, could you watch your mouth? We non members aren’t poor. We just don’t spend money on a game that is too wayforward towards members all. You just dont realise who is earning the money. Not you, your parents. So if you want to be a member, go and work!

  4. мαρℓɛωσσ∂ Says:

    This helped so much :mrgreen: !!!!! Yeah.. When I was a member I rarely went on, But now I’m a non I get on SO much! Kinda weird >.<

  5. SnowyChole Says:

    Do you know how to get the snack serve stamp? Its listed under party I think.

  6. Gowjussgirl Says:

    i totally agree they just want money nd nuthin else!but stil love cp!!i wish i was a MEMBER!thnx for ur cheat!i wud love to meet u one day!my name is Xinia7997….nd im eagerly waiting for ur reply!u r so nice.At 1st i used to think dat MEMBERS HAVE AN ATTITUDE!they alwayz like u knw… watever!but im rong!nd ya i dont have ne particular server ok?so c ya one day love ya!!

    • caity12 Says:

      Hi Gowjussgirl! Thanks a lot for your comment! I know that members often seem mean, but trust me I will never be, whether I’m a member or not! I’d absolutely love to meet you in CP sometime! You name the sever, date and time (in CPST) and I’ll try and be there!
      Waddle on!

  7. Miffy348 Says:


  8. guy Says:

    User leinartest pass chionstinks123

  9. HARRY Says:

    how do you get the graduate stamp

  10. HARRY Says:

    add me please=]

  11. HARRY Says:

    im a member tommorow=]

  12. Singingstar1 Says:

    I wish I was a member its so unfair on non-members Disney wants money for everything! Their was this other website I went on it was members everything on their but they changed so everything was for every1 clothes e.g they got their money by if you run out of coins you buy some and that’s where they got their money why can’t CP do that???

    P.S. They still kept all the mini-games and stuff.

  13. avfcnumber1footyfan Says:

    im a memeber and its mint it makes it a whole lot better

  14. funny 5 Says:

    dear non members , u guys r lucky,back when i was a non member in 2009 there was nothing for us to get or buy well we could buy backgrounds thats all and only in some parties we got free stuff and bye.good luck non members.

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