Club Penguin Member Only Game Updates!!!

With the release of stamps in Club Penguin, they also updated many games to make them restricted for non-members. What I mean is quite a few games in Club Penguin have br changed, so only members have complete access to them. Non-members can only play the first level, or only one part of those games. These changed games are below…

Aqua Grabber

Now, the “Soda Seas” level in Aqua Grabber is for members only, although all penguins can still play “Clam Waters” level, thankfully!

Club Penguin also updated the Aqua Grabber start!

To change the challenge you want to attemp in Aqua Grabber, use the arrows at the bottom. If you’re not sure how to play, click on “Instructions”, then you shouldn’t have a problem!

When you exit the game, it will show you how many, if any, stamps you earned! You can also read how to earn them.

Jet Pack Adventure

Now non-members can only play the first level in Jet Pack Adventure! ONLY THE FIRST LEVEL?! Talk about mean Club Penguin!

We can also earn stamps from this game, but of course only members can earn all of them.

Astro Barrier

In Astro Barrier, all penguins are only able to play the first 5 levels!

Thin Ice

Only the first 10 levels in Thin Ice can be played by everyone. The rest are for members only.

Catchin’ Waves

In the surfing game, “Catchin Waves”, non-members can only play the “Lesson” and “Freestyle” modes.

Members of course can play those as well as “Competition” and “Survival” modes.

So, what do you think of the new changes to games? I don’t like it, I don’t know why they have to restrict those things for non-members… I guess Club Penguin want more money.

Waddle on!



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