Club Penguin Times Celebrates 250th Issue!!!

The 250th issue of Club Penguin times has been released! I can’t believe it 250 already!

This issue is filled with info on the newly released stamps as well as old facts about the newspaper, and interesting upcoming events!

“Club Penguin Times Celebrates”

The Club Penguin Times is pleased to announce that it has reached its 250th issue! Here’s a message from Aunt Arctic:

I want to thank all our loyal readers, and everyone who’s sent questions, jokes and more. We couldn’t do this without you! I’ve put together a few facts about the newspaper.

Did you know…

1. The newspaper used to be in black and white before December, 2005?

2. Other penguins have written in my advice column? Gary the Gadget Guy and Rookie!

3. The PSA used to hide secret messages in the newspaper?

Thanks again to everyone. Keep an eye out for big changes in the future…

Sincerely – Aunt Arctic

“Stamps Can you earn them all?

Stamps are taking the island by storm, as penguins try to collect them all.Lots of penguins are discovering that they can earn stamps in surprising ways.

“I even got a stamp for crashing my jetpack in the Forest!” said one brave test pilot.

Everyone can find their Stamp Books by clicking on their player card.

An extreme penguin told us more. “We were at the Night Club and saw this REALLY shy penguin start a TOTALLY rad dance party to earn a stamp!”

“It’s true! I used to just hang out in my igloo. But now my friends and I are all over the island trying to see who can get them all first!”

“Not only that, but all my pins are on diplay in my Stamp Book now!”

Whether you’re throwing snowballs, meeting well-known penguins, finding secrets or playing games – you can collect stamps. The question on everyone’s beaks is – how many have you earned?

“Customise your Stamp Books!


Cover – Member Only

Choose the pattern, colour and even the clasp on your book cover. Cover your books with your favourite stamps or pins.

Inside Pages

Complete challenges all over the island to earn more stamps. Earning stamps will make more photos appear.

Upcoming Events

There are quite a few interesting upcoming events to Club Penguin…

So do you like collecting stamps, looking at other’s pins? How many stamps or pins do you have? Please let me know!

Waddle on!



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