Stamps and Mountain Expedition News!!!

The 251st issue of the Club Penguin Times is here, showing us a lot of information on stamps and the upcoming mountain expedition.

Show off your Stamp Book!

From hosting igloo parties to meeting blackbelts in the Ninja Hideout, everyone’s going to extreme measures to fill their Stamp Books.

“I’m totally into the stamp collecting. Now I want to show off my x-treme collection,” we were being told at the berg.

“My friends and I have lots of different ones. I’m pretty much in the lead – not that we’re counting.”

A member chimed in, “I chanegd some stuff on my Stamp Book. Now I can show off my best stamps AND also my book….

Excuse the jackhammer noise of me and my buddies here, we’re working on getting a stamp right now.”

With new stamps coming every month, the collecting frenzy all over the island shows no signs of slowing. Be sure to check everybody’s player card to see what their Stamp Book looks like!

The Climb of Your Life

Two brave jetpackers reported to the Club Penguin Times with some observations from one of their latest adventures. “We were flying around up there and we saw something out of the ordinary.” one sky guy told us mysteriously.

“That’s right,” the other confirmed. “Our jetpacks don’t let us get high enough to see what it was. But there’s something up there for sure….”

“We’ll need to climb to the top of these mountains and get to the bottom of all these mysterious rumors about what’s up there!”

Preparations for a Mountain Expedition have begun. Head to the Ski Village on August 13 to take on the challenge of the climb.

Also, take a look at the other upcoming events to Club Penguin…

Hm, I wonder what the Mountain Expedition will be like! I guess we’ll all find out August 13th!

Waddle on!



One Response to “Stamps and Mountain Expedition News!!!”

  1. padles45 Says:

    when i get some stamps they dont show in my book

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