Club Penguin Art for Haiti Finalists – You Decide the Winner!!!

Club Penguin held an art contest where the winners work would get painted at a new schools playground in Haiti. Penguins all around the world sent in their entries and now Club Penguin have chosen 4 finalists.

Now it’s up to us to choose the winner. We must vote in the poll for what one we like best.

The artists behind the drawings are Bella Stars, Mochileiro 7, Cadogs and Mickey1216

Option A
Option A
Option B
Option B
Option C
Option C
Option D
Option D

I think I’ll vote for option D. It’s the best out of all four in my opinion.

Here are the results so far. Looks like others also like option D the best.

No offence to the owners of this work, but I personally think they’re, well a bit low quality. I wish I had the time to enter I think I would’ve had quite a high chance of being a finalist, and possibly the winner!

In other news, the Fall Fair will arrive in Club Penguin sometime in September. Don’t expect it to be as good as previous years though – Club Penguin’s going downhill for fun and quality.

Waddle on!



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