Fall Fair, Save Your Igloos News and Upcoming Events to Club Penguin!!!

The 254th issue of the Club Penguin Times is out and it’s filled with a lot of info especially about the Fall Fair and the new Save your Igloo feature!

‘Step right up on September 3’

Preparations are starting and construction for The Fair is underway! This party is shaping up to be a magical event.

The question everyone’s asking is “How can I help?” One party planner was quick to give directions about what needs to be done.

Lots of the island will be totally transformed. “If ‘ya want to be part of the prep, we really need help unpacking game-booths,” she said, showing us her jackhammer. “‘I’ve been jackhammerin’ on the Beach for three hours straight!”

“If your flippers get tired, you can always step right up to prepare a show. Round up your puffles and get ’em ready for The Great Puffle Circus.”

Sources say that Rockhopper will bring the last of the decorations on September 3. Put your talents to work and join the preparations for the Fair.

“Save different kinds of Igloos!

All over the island, penguins are busy in their igloos designing furniture for their homes.

Starting August 27, another improvement will be taking the spotlight. Penguins will be able to save the different kinds of igloos that they buy from the Igloo Upgrades catalog!

One decorator said “I’ve been waiting for this! It gives me more room to be really creative and show off my style. There have been times I wanted more igloos in my inventory. It’ll take my decorating to a whole new level.”

“Serious?” another surprised penguin asked. Whoa! I’ll probably create a new igloo every day. I can have a stage one day, an airplane the next and a squid-lid vs. disco wig party after that!

WOW! There seems to be a lot of fun interesting things coming up in Club Penguin! I’m very much looking forward to both! The new save your igloo feature will be amazing! We can buy and save igloos that we like and not necessarily change our current igloo! Also the annual Fall Fair should be good too, well I’m hoping so. I guess we’ll have to wait and see. For now we must try and help with the preparations!

Also here are the other upcoming events in Club Penguin!

Not too happy about the play returning again, but I guess Club Penguin are too busy at the moment to think of a whole new play idea.

Waddle on and enjoy the jackhammerin’!



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