Green Puffles to Join Jetpackers in Jet Pack Adventure Soon in September!!!

It’s now reported in the Club Penguin Times that later this month Green Puffles will join us in Jet Pack Adventure! Their flying skills are excellent, and penguins have already started training them. Let’s take a look at the whole article from the newspaper.

Some extreme puffle trainers have reported that they want to try training green puffles to help with Jet Pack Adventure.

These puffles are already known well known for their flying talents, thanks to their famous propellor caps.

“Those puffles really put on a show at the Great Puffle Circus. Their speed and accuracy was astounding! So we thought they’d probably love to help jetpackers!”

The puffle experts reported that they’ll begin training the air-born green pets immediately.

“We’ve got a few trainers that are really good at teaching tricks. One in particular is quite and expert – she should be able to get them flying and helping out for sure!”

Green puffles are expected to be ready for take off sometime this month. Stay tuned to the Club Penguin Times for more details.

That’s great! Club Penguin do say in their September membership benefits that green puffles would join us in the game, but what game that was remained a mystery, until of course now! So we should see them joining us jetpackers later this month!

Waddle on!



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