Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 10 Cheats!!!

Club Penguin has just released their 10th treasure book, filled with many new items! This treasure book is unlockable with any Series 10 toy, puffle, or igloo playset.

The first page of the treasure book has two Jester Items, the Court Jester Hat and the Court Jester Outfit.

Page 2 contains Seasonal Items  for Winter, such as the Christmas Tree Outfit and Reindeer Outfit. (already!? It’s not even October yet!)

Page 3 contains some winter/fall themed items (pajamas and hat) as well as Ballet Items.

Page 4 contains sports items for Team Blue and Team Red, including new ones that were recently released at the Soccer Arena earlier this week for members.

Page 5 has more sports items, for Team Green and Team Yellow.

Page 6 contains seven brand new exclusive items. They include:

-The Sunny
-Blue Cotton Scarf
-Red Polka Dot Dress
-Silver Aviators
-Aqua Hipster Hat
-Leather Pilots Jacket
-Green Untied Sneakers
Page 7 has the super exclusives.
Page 8 is puffles, and page 9 is 500 coins. Unfortunately, there are NO hidden items!

Waddle on!



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