Disney Club Penguin Online Store Updates!!!

Disney have updated Club Penguin’s online store section, and well to be honest it’s quite unorganised.

At first when I saw it, it looked much more organised and easier to find products we’re looking for, although, I soon found out that was NOT true!

For example, try looking for video games, Club Penguin Game Day or Herbert’s Revenge. Instead of simply having  a “Video Games” catergory, you have to go to “Toys”, then “Characters”, THEN “Penguins” only to find a muddle up of assorted games, penguins and Card-Jitsu trading cards!

Also on the side, they show other catergories, but instead of showing Club Penguin items, they advertise other Disney items! D:

On the above are only two examples of the disadvantages for us on the new Club Penguin online store! The list could go on for many more pages! Take a look for youself if you want!

Oh well, I can’t be too fussy I guess. The upside is they sell Club Penugin merchandise! And hopefully soon they’ll change the store again to actually improve it.

Waddle on!



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