Club Penguin’s 5th Anniversary Party News and Other Upcoming Events!!!

Club Penguin’s 260th issue of the Club Penguin times is now out, providing us with new information on Club Penguin 5th Anniversary party.

On October 24th, Club Penguin invites you to it’s 5th Anniversary Party, a one-day only event!

There will be cake, decorations, a new Yearbook and a special party hat for everyone who attends.

“It’s exciting to be a part of Club Penguin’s history,” said one party-preparer. “It’s cool to check out the Yearbooks, and see all the exciting things that have happened over the years.”

“I can’t wait to get my party hat!” added another penguin.”This one will be the third one in my collection. Don’t miss grabbing it, cause they won’t make any more later!”

The party will be held in the Town Centre on October 24. Keep checking future newspapers for more info.

Here are the other upcoming events in Club Penguin!

October 8th

-New Pin

– Secrets of the Bamboo Forest at the Stage

– Postcards

October 15

– New Better Igloos Catalog

– Halloween Decorating Igloo contest beings

Click here to read the full Club Penguin Times without logging into Club Penguin!

I really can’t wait until October 24th! I wonder what the colours the party hat will be this year!

Waddle on!



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