Halloween Igloo Decorating Contest October 15th-17th 2010!!!

This year, Club Penguin’s Halloween Igloo decorating contest submissions will be open from the 15-17th of October.This is the detail provided so far in the Club Penguin Times.

Attention all igloo fans – an Igloo Contest is being held this month to celebrate Halloween!

Igloo experts are invited to submit their spookiest designs.

When is it?

Decorators can submit their igloo anytime between October 15-17. Also, a new Halloween edition of Better Igloos is coming out on October 15 – just in time!

How do you enter?

Just click the ‘submit igloo’ button when your igloo is ready for the judges. Don’t change your igloo after you submit though – give the judges a chance to see it.

Advice from the Judges:

The judges are looking for creativity – not necessarily the igloo with lots of items. So start saving coins now, and make sure to check next week’s newspaper for more contest details.

So if you are going to decorate your igloo for the contest, how so are you going to?

Click here to read the full Club Penguin Times without logging in to Club Penguin!

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