Halloween Party 2010 – Low Pressure System Storm on the Way!!!

As stated in this week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times, Gary predict’s a storm will be coming to Club Penguin in time for the Halloween Party! So I was right! A low pressure system is on the way and it’s looking different from other years… so it may last longer than expected…! This will bring rain to Club Penguin and I think this will be the start of Card-Jitsu Water! Anyway let’s see the full report!

As Halloween approches, many penguins have been watching the weather. Many have been waiting for news on whether a storm will darken the skies this year.

This week we spoke with Gary the Gadget guy on his discoveries.

“I have excellent news – there is indeed a storm coming. A low pressure system is bringing a super-cell of cumulonimbus clouds – in other words, we’ve got our dark and stormy night.”

Trick-or-treaters should prepare for sever weather conditions. Everyone is advised not to carry any lightning rods with them, or go swimming.

“This storm is unusual,” Gary added, “It’s very different from last year’s storm. If my calculations are right, it may last longer than expected…”

The storm is expected to hit on October 29, just in time for Halloween.

This is excellent news! I can’t wait for it all to start. And like I mentioned earlier, it’s quite likely the storm could mean the start of Card Jitsu Water.

Here are the other upcoming events!

Oct 15

-New Better Igloos catalog

-Halloween Igloo Contest begins

Oct 22

-New Pin

Oct 24

– Anniversary Party ONE DAY ONLY!

Oct 29

– Halloween Party begins

Waddle on!



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