Halloween Party 2010 Preparation News and Other Upcoming Events!!!

The spookiness of Club Penguin’s Halloween Party 2010 is just around the corner, waiting until the 29th to jump out at us! Here are some more details about this event!

The storm is coming, the igloos are decorated, and the costumes are chosen. The Halloween Party is almost here. But before trick-or-treaters dash into the dark for frightful fun, there’s still much to do prepare. The Club Penguin Times spoke with a party organizer this week for any last minute tips and Halloween hints. Penguins and monsters alike are advised to travel in groups.

Well we only have 8 days left until the party begins!

Here are the other upcoming events!

Anniversary Party October 24


Anniversary Party Starting on Oct 24

Halloween Party 2010 Oct 29th – Nov 3rd

When the storm hits, will you be ready for the frightful fun?
Halloween Party Oct 29 Nov 3

Halloween Igloo Contest Winners Announced Oct. 28

First round of Igloo Contests winners announced. Who caught the Judges’ eyes?

New Pin October 22!

Waddle on!



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